Robb Skyler, Cast in upcoming #DeNiroMovie


Actor Robb Skyler drives us through Los Angeles and shares his remarkable story with Story talks of landing the movie role of a lifetime. He describes working with Robert De Niro on the upcoming Bio pic “Hands of Stone” starring Usher, Edgar Ramirez, Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin and Robb Skyler . In Theaters  2016.

ST -So back in 2004, you appeared in a memorable scene in “Along came Polly, with Ben Stiller and Phillip Seymore Hoffman.

Phillip Seymore Hoffman called you a Satchquatch; in the movie, did that bother you?

Robb- Are you kidding me?  He was great, he stole the movie in my opinion. He was terrific. I have nothing but great things to say about him.

ST-Who won the basketball game in real life?

Robb- Ha ha ha ha ha ha….we had to dumb down our skills on the court.

ST- Few years after that,  we were in a conversation and I asked you, ” So if you could play any role, from any movie,  what would it be ” … Remember that?

Robb-  Yes, and I said, Howard Cosell. That has always been a dream role of mine. Years back, I looked into obtaining the movie rights to his life story.

ST- Why Howard Cosell?

Robb – I have been a longtime admirer of Howard Cosell. His charisma, what he did for Muhamed Ali and sports in general. Very smart man.

ST-So, you had put alot of effort into making it happen before you got the call about this movie, Hands of Stone. Did you know who would be in it, before you auditioned?

Robb- No. It was a long ordeal before I got the audition, but once I was told I had the part, and then told I would have many scenes in the movie with Robert De Niro,  who is my favorite actor… It was quite a emotional shock.

ST – We are all excited about the release of this movie “Hands of Stone” the bio pic of Roberto Duran. What else is next?

Robb – It’s exciting to be having so many auditions right now.  I can’t say alot other than I’m in talks with Warner Bros for a upcoming  movie thats going to be a all star cast, and really funny and heartwarming Christmas story.

ST – We cant wait to see it.  Congratulations.. Thank you.

Hands of Stone is an upcoming 2016 American biographical sport film directed and written by Jonathan Jakubowicz. It stars Édgar Ramírez, Robert De Niro, Usher, Ellen Barkin, Robb Skyler and Ana de Armas. The film is scheduled to be released on August 26, 2016, by The Weinstein Company.

Interview w John Cherry Ad Agency Kingpin

We get a exclusive interview with John Cherry, Owner of Carden and Cherry Advertising Agency, best known for the Hey Vern! Tv commercials that Launched Jim Varney and the Agency into stardom . Becoming the nations number 1 pitch man for the 80′s. John Talks about the Agency, deals with Disney, Jeffery Katzenberg, Michael Eisner and the future of the Industry and his best seller “Keeper of the Clown” . This book gets 5 stars by me! Knowing many of the characters was certainly a advantage but this is my new favorite book.cherrystory3

The Girls of Atomic City-Colleen Rowan Black interview

Colleen Rowan Black with her baby sister Kathleen Rowan Carlton mar 12, 2015

Colleen Rowan Black with her baby sister Kathleen Rowan Carlton mar 12, 2015


We are so sad to announce the passing of our favorite Southern Belle, writer, journalist, guest speaker,  poet,devoted  wife and mother of 8.

She was one of the original Southern Beauties sent to the secret city of Oak Ridge to help win WWII on a mission to save the country and bring back her brother Jimmy. She fell in love with a refined educated engineer Clifford Black and that was the real ” secret” as she worked on a top secret project for the government.  Read her story and others in Denise Kiernan’s best seller “The Girls of Atomic City”,  Simon and Shuster.

Colleen Rowan Black July 21, 1925- mar 19, 2015

Watch her interview here.

Colleen Rowan Black gives us a interview : The untold story of the women who helped win the war of WW II.